Be aware that there are alternatives to filing bankruptcy, alternatives to losing your hard
earned assets, alternatives to being overwhelmed and feeling helpless.  But also be aware that
not all debt-relief-help you find are the same.  I am a mediator.  I have decades of experience.  
If a company suggests you lock up your money in accounts with them, do not agree to it.  You
and you alone care about getting your bills paid.  Remember that.  

I will not take your money, lock it up in a trust account, and prevent you from paying what
bills you can.  I will, however, prioritize your needs and work as quickly as possible to alleviate
your financial problems.  Your payment to me is dependent on the results I am capable of
providing to you.  Excuse my harshness, but it makes me sick that there are posers out there
claiming to be helping people.  

A woman turned to me after having allowed a company to take so much from her checking
account monthly (without tending to her financial needs with that money) that she was not
able to make her house payments.  She fell desperately behind and now it may be too late for
even me to help her.  I find the possible loss of her home my number one priority.  However,
while I await for the back and forth negotiations with her bank, I am working to alleviate some
of her other expenses to free up some money to meet the more important needs.  [UPDATE: I
managed to get her house saved.]  Please don't wait until it is too late to negotiate; contact me

In today's economic atmosphere, too many of us are finding ourselves facing overwhelming
monthly expenses.  What was once manageable has become unmanageable.  Rather than allow
these current expenses to spin you into the abyss of bankruptcy, foreclosures, mechanic's liens,
lawsuits, and loss of what assets you have achieved and acquired thus far, you need to take
immediate action to reduce your monthly expenses.  

A debt mediator can negotiate with your creditor or collector to rework a loan for a reduction
in balance, more affordable payments, or complete elimination of your debt (on very rare
occasions, but it does happen - see Tax Liabilities page) - all are protections from foreclosures,
lawsuits, and loss of assets.  

With my experience as a professional debt mediator, you can start on the path of debt
reduction.  Protect your business assets, your personal assets, and your family's welfare by
calling me immediately.  There is no charge to talk to me.  If you do not have free long
distance calling, send your number to me via email and a time when you can talk seriously.  Do
not send me money until after we have talked and decided if there is a way for me to help you.

I believe that you can work hard, but working smart is also the better way to hold on to your
hard earned income.  We can only drive sales so far when there is a limit of working hours in a
week.  Where we can really be smart is to hold on to the money we earn by reducing our
Steve Shapiro - Debt Mediator
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